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The Chem 13 News Exam and The Avogadro Exam Registration Start Now

Are you a chemistry enthusiast looking to put your knowledge to the test? Look no further than the two chemistry competitions the University of Waterloo offers! Both The Chem 13 News Exam and The Avogadro Exam are now open for registration, hosted by the official test center at the Johnathan Academy secondary school.

Both contests have been moved to an online platform to allow for accessibility to a wider audience and ensure fairness in the competition.

These competitions provide an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their chemistry skills nationally. Whether you are passionate about chemical reactions or simply love solving complex problems, there's competition for everyone.

Moreover, participating in either of these competitions can also benefit your academic development. Taking part in tests such as these can help improve your critical thinking abilities, expand your knowledge base and even increase your chances of being accepted into top universities.

So why not step out of your comfort zone and participate in one of these amazing contests? With both events being hosted online, it couldn't be easier to sign up and start preparing. Enhance your chemistry knowledge and show off your skills in the process – register now for The Chem 13 News Exam or The Avogadro Exam!

Chem 13 News Exam date: Thursday, May 11, 2023

Ordering deadline for the Chem 13 News Exam: Friday, April 28th

Chem 13 News Exam (For Grade 12) Registration form

JA Chem 13 News Exam Registration Form
Download PDF • 289KB

Avogadro Exam date: Thursday, May 19, 2023

Ordering deadline for the Avogadro Exam: Friday, May 5th

Avogadro Exam (For Grade 11) Registration form

JA Avogadro Registration Form
Download PDF • 289KB

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