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University Preparation

We determine a student's academic profile on the basis of academic strengths and weaknesses.

We consider a detailed statement of future study plans; favourite pass time, hobbies, after-school activities, personality and interests etc.

We facilitate communication between the school, the student and the family.

We devise a reasonable and achievable high school study plan for the student.

We guide the student to select a variety of suitably challenging courses. 

We make leadership-training a priority.

We advise and help arrange studies, certificate examinations, and contests regarding music or arts.

We discuss students’ wishes for future majors in universities,

We assist in the making of a specific plan concerning community service and volunteer work.

We keep in touch with Johnathan Academy senior educational experts and make necessary adjustments.

We provide the latest Canada and US elite universities admission information through authoritative analysis.

In the period of applying for top universities, we provide specific guidance and full consultancy service.          


We always encourage students with passion and power to take AP courses,, SAT and SAT Subject tests

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