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Medical Insurance

The British Columbia Medical Services Plan (MSP) is a mandatory health insurance plan, for everyone who lives in BC for six months or longer.  Apply for MSP online or by mail immediately after you arrive. MSP covers the cost of basic medical care within Canada, including most physician and hospital services. In most cases, you will not have to pay at the time you seek medical care when you show your BC Services Card. MSP does not cover dental care, prescription drugs, routine vision care (such as eye examinations or corrective lenses), or travel.

If you’re an international student, you must be covered by MSP or have equivalent coverage. Without MSP or equivalent coverage, you cannot make claims for Health Plan benefits. Your application for MSP usually takes three months to process. To ensure that all international students have basic health coverage while residing in BC, Johnathan Academy has arranged for new international students not yet covered by MSP to be automatically enrolled in primary medical insurance plan.

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