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We graduated in 2022!

Updated: May 27, 2022

After receiving many offers from prestigious schools, the time for graduation from Johnathan Academy has arrived. A new cohort of excellent graduates has received their graduation certificates!

Students from around the world gather today at Johnathan Academy to celebrate their graduation. Students are filled with joy and happiness, listening to the blessings of their teachers.

  • Principal speech:

Angelo R. Morelli

We are very excited to host the 2022 graduation ceremony today. I wish all the best for our graduates on behalf of the school.

Our 2022 Year of the Tiger Class is powerful, brave, and independent! A class with courage, resilience, and strength! These students faced so many challenges. The hydra-like heads of COVID and its variants, restrictions, isolation, face masks, social distancing, online lessons, personal hurdles, and much more. And, of course, some Hard Work: complex lessons, onerous assignments, challenging presentations, and exacting tests! Well, all such difficulties, at last were surmounted.

My favourite Latin quote is: “Per angusta ad augusta” which means: ‘Through hardship to honors’ as today is indeed a day of well-earned honors!

Johnathan Academy has lifted you, an updraft under your parasail wings. Dear students, please spread your wings and fly towards your ideal universities. May each of you find your life path and accomplish your educational goals, one step at a time.

I close with one final quotation by the celebrated writer Mark Twain. He said: “The two most important days of one’s life are the day that you were born and the day that you find out why.” So be brave, Class of 22 TIGERS! Be open-minded! And wherever you go, go with all your heart!

  • Outstanding Graduates:

Jasmine Yu (2021-2022 Graduate):

-Simon Fraser University

-University of Manchester

-Queen's University

-University of St Andrews

-University of Waterloo

-University of Toronto

I sincerely want to thank the teachers at Johnathan Academy who guided me in course selection, patiently analyzed each course's critical points, and told me the target scores I should achieve so that I always knew the direction of my education.

When I slackened off or didn't get a satisfactory grade, the teacher was always encouraging and supported me. My teacher combined my interests and hobbies and helped me choose the right school and major according to my advantages so that I could fully display my achievements.

At Johnathan Academy, I felt a new learning atmosphere and a new way of learning. I learned a lot of new skills, such as making speeches, doing slides, editing videos, and collaborating with others to complete group assignments. My overall ability has also improved.

And with the help of my teachers, I got offers from several universities; these include the Acceptance Letter for Life Sciences on the main campus of the University of Toronto, my dream school.

Thank you very much to the teachers at Johnathan Academy; this year, I will continue to study hard at the university and start a new chapter in my life.

Alan Zhao (2021-2022 Graduate):

-Simon Fraser University

-University of British Columbia

-Concordia University

-University of Toronto Scarborough

-University of Toronto

I’m very proud to be a student in class 2022. I can still clearly remember the first day I walked into Johnathan academy; we did not know each other; I started with nervousness and anxiety; I did not know what would happen. Time flies!

One year later, today, we are here to graduate. I really enjoyed my time at Johnathan Academy. Johnathan Academy is an excellent place for us to learn, a great place to gain knowledge, and a great place to make friends. I also noticed many changes in me during my one year at Johnathan academy, which made me understand society better. The teachers encouraged me during the year, and I became more confident and braver than I was introverted before. At Johnathan academy, I learned to manage my time, individual responsibility, and work as a team.

Also, with the help of Johnathan academy’s English environment, my English improved a lot. At Johnathan academy, classes are fun and exciting, and the teachers are committed, kind and extraordinary, which made me ready for higher education in the future. I still remember every smile from teachers, every conversation with teachers, every lesson, and the seed is planted in our hearts; we will never forget our beautiful memories in Johnathan Academy. Graduation does not mean the ending, and it is a new starting point in our life. Thank you, our teachers. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and time with us; thank you for leading us on the path to success. Thank you, Johnathan Academy, for bringing us together. Thanks for making me who I am today.

Studying at Johnathan Academy has become an unforgettable part of my life. I really appreciate and will miss the time spent at Johnathan Academy.

My fellow students, youth is like a short novel; three years are condensed into a thousand pages, flipping past just like that. I don't even have the chance to get to know each of you, and the time of graduation is upon us. Let us not forget that even though three years is a short period, it is still the most important stage of life. Please applaud for the three years of hard work and memorable moments.

Whatever the future might hold, and whichever life path you might take. As your family and friend, Johnathan Academy will always be proud of you. You will forever take part in school history. As for the beginners, enjoy your time but remember to follow through the steps of your predecessors. Work hard and be as excellent as them, don't forget your parents' hopes and achieve greatness together with Johnathan Academy.

Johnathan Academy seeks to help students achieve their goals and dreams and provide students with what they need. Come join Johnathan Academy and fulfill your goal to achieve greatness.

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