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Admission Open!

We are a progressive school providing a pathway for our students to achieve their post-secondary goals. Our mission is to enroll our students in world renowned universities.

Parents send their children to study abroad at considerable financial expense, far from their homes with one sole desire – to provide their children with the very best possible education.

Johnathan Academy, comprised of grades 8 to 12, is a sister school of four overseas British Columbia Offshore Schools located in Shandong Province, China.

Studying at Johnathan Academy in Vancouver, Canada ensures that each student will have excellent resources at their disposal. Students are afforded every opportunity to realize their full intellectual potential and to develop into responsible, mature global citizens.

1. Our teachers are highly experienced and effectively skilled.

Our teachers have extensive experience teaching Chinese students. Our teachers nurture optimum student learning in a pressure free learning environment. All teaching staff have a minimum of two years of teaching experience at high schools in China and all hold a B.C. teaching certificate. They are familiar with the learning styles and culture of their Chinese students.

Johnathan Academy teachers develop strong professional relationships with students and strive to relate to each student as an individual. Our teachers pride themselves on cultivating student ability while developing the whole person. Our teachers employ student assessment tools which are current, comprehensive and effective.

2. Top ranked University enrollment is high within our organization.

In the past 12 years, more than 1000 students from our four offshore schools in Shandong Province have been accepted by the world’s Top 100 Universities. Our goal at Johnathan Academy, as with our four offshore schools, is to support our students’ acceptance at these top ranked universities. We aim to ensure 100% university enrollment.

3. Our major feature is the seamless and efficient integration of Chinese and western education, accurate teaching and efficient learning.

Johnathan Academy focuses on optimizing the best of both the Chinese and Canadian educational systems. Chinese students have a solid foundation in mathematics and physics, however, their English language skills, being their second language, are underdeveloped in comparison to native speakers. Johnathan Academy teachers therefore select instructional materials compatible with the B.C. curriculum to support the various levels of student ability.

In addition, each student will have an individual educational plan tailored to their specific needs. Johnathan Academy provides the flexibility which allows students to focus on building their English skills while sustaining their highly competitive skills in mathematics and sciences.

Students may choose their elective subjects with the purpose of improving their learning and meeting the requirements necessary for specific universities programs. Students are also provided with the opportunity to enroll in AP courses. After-class activities will also be available to them. Our goal is to prepare our students to be successful at their ‘dream university’.

4. Our guarantee is to ensure quality learning and a healthy lifestyle.

Jonathan Academy will carefully arrange students’ accommodations and nutritious meals. Students will reap the benefits of school life in this splendid setting. Mornings in Vancouver offer a healthy climate with fresh clear ocean air for students to enjoy their academic studies at their ease.

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