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Johnathan Academy Unveils 2024-25 Academic Year Calendar

Johnathan Academy is pleased to announce the academic calendar for the 2024-25 school year, which is planned to optimize educational outcomes while providing well-timed breaks for students and staff.

The academic year will begin on September 3, 2024, welcoming students with a range of activities tailored for both new and returning members of the community. The fall semester will feature key academic milestones, including mid-term examinations in October and parent-teacher conferences scheduled for November.

The winter break will take place from December 23, 2024, to January 3, 2025, offering a restful pause during the holiday season. Classes for the winter semester will resume on January 6, 2025, packed with enriching academic and extracurricular activities.

Spring break is scheduled for March 17 to March 28, 2025, after which classes will recommence on March 31. The winter semester will conclude with final examinations occurring from April 14 to April 24, 2025.

Following the exams, a term break will be observed from April 28 to May 2, 2025, leading into the spring semester, which begins on May 5 and ends on June 27, 2025.

As we look forward to another exciting and productive academic year, Johnathan Academy continues to dedicate itself to fostering an environment of academic excellence and personal development. We encourage our students and staff to prepare for the year ahead, which promises new opportunities for learning and growth.

For complete details of the academic calendar and other forthcoming events, please visit the Johnathan Academy website.

JA 2024-2025 Academic School Calendar
Download PDF • 335KB

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