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Everything You Need to Know About Taking Your AP Exams at Johnathan Academy

Dear AP Exam Candidates,

Welcome to Johnathan Academy Secondary School as your exam school for the current year's AP Exam.

Please carefully read the following items before coming to take the exam.

1.     How do I get to school (Johnathan Academy) on exam day?

Address: 5750 Oak St Vancouver, BC V6M 2V9

The school entrance is located at the southeast corner of OAK and 41st Street.

Drop off: Parents can choose to drop off the students in front of the school on 41st Street or OAK Street. Please note that the underground parking lot is for temporary drop-off use only. The entrances to the school's underground parking lot are located on the south side of 41st Street and the east side of OAK Street, and both entrances are about 50 meters from the intersection of 41st Street and OAK.

Bus: If the students take the bus to attend the exam, they can take bus R4 or Route 17 and get off at the OAK ST@W 41 AVE stop to reach the school.


2.     Exam Check-in.

Please check the posters we will post on the day of the exam. The exam specified in the poster will be held in the examination room on the first floor, and all other exams will be held on Main campus.

First Floor Examination room

The entrance to the examination room on the first floor is located to the right of the entrance to the underground parking garage on 41st Street in the campus area. We will place a sign at the entrance to help candidates easily locate it.

We will send a notification email to you before the exam day. Please check the email address on your AP account to find out if your exam is on the Main Campus (4th floor) or the First Floor Examination Room.

The campus elevators will not be available to students during the exam period. Please use the stairs.

Each exam check-in time will start 30 minutes before the exam start time and will stop 10 minutes before the exam start time. Please arrive at our campus location on time and follow the directions indicated by the posted arrows.

For the exam check-in, you need to bring your government-issued photo ID.


3.     What to Bring/Not Bring on AP Exam Day

4.     AP Exam Terms and Conditions

5.     Exam Security Policies

6.     AP Exams Calculator Policy

7.     Break rules

8.     Filling in Your Answer Sheet and Exam Booklet

Please check the student's “My AP” account for individual exam times before your current year's AP Exam.

The exam dates can be found on the following website:

If you have questions about incorrect exam dates, please send your government-issued photo ID and exam name to for inquiries.

Wishing all students excellent results in this year's exams.

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