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2021-2022 Graduation Season OFFER Relase

As 2022 graduation draws near, and acceptance offers from different schools are received, I hope that students have obtained the good news they desire.

At this time of the season, our Johnathan Academy students receive acceptance letters from different universities to reward their diligent work. Johnathan Academy has also reached a high new record for acceptance rate thanks to the hard work of our students and staff.

  • Johnathan Academy reached a new record for the years 2021-2022!

Hundreds of students from Johnathan Academy received thousands of acceptance letters from universities worldwide, reaching a 100% university entry rate.

The combined efforts of the students and staff have contributed to this remarkable journey. Johnathan Academy would like to thank all that helped shape and build where we are now.

  • Ride a Wave

The staff at Johnathan Academy guides and teaches with the highest professional ethics and supports each student to build on their skills and interests. They aid students with their educational and professional goals and help students with their interviews and the handling of their offers. The staff at Johnathan Academy hopes to give students the best overall experience in developing their personal goals.

Outstanding Graduates:

CSSS Amber Liu

How time flies! It seems like just yesterday when I first met my lovely classmates. Three years have passed in the blink of an eye. I look back on three years of study life, and I can still see it in my mind. During the three years of study at CSSS, I found a different me and gradually achieved my goals.

Here, I felt a new learning style and study atmosphere. Compared with the stereotypical education in China, the education model in CSSS is much more flexible and focuses more on the all-around development of students. The foreign teachers use various activities to help us understand and absorb new knowledge, and the process is progressive and interesting.

During these three years of study, I have gradually discovered my potential, and my abilities have been developed. In addition, my academic performance has gradually improved due to the learning style and atmosphere of the CSSS.

Now, I am nearing the end of my high school life, and I have already been accepted to 9 offers abroad, such as the University of Toronto and King's College London... All of this is due to the fact that I chose the CSSS family so that I can have such an opportunity to go to one of the top 100 schools abroad and start a new chapter in my life!

CYSS Caroline Han

Time passed by, and we have come to the end of our high school life. The details of every incident are still vivid in my mind. Looking back on the past, I still remember that I was full of expectations on the first day when I stepped into the campus. I also remember that I failed repeatedly in the exams but still didn't give up. What's more, I can't forget each group work that we completed with our friends. The journey of life alone is doomed to stumble, but IT is lucky that I have been educated by excellent and dedicated teachers and made so many friends during the three years of my life journey. I am very grateful to them. Thanks to their advice, help, and even criticism, my three years in high school have been so colourful and glorious. After the third year, I was very pleased and excited to see that all my classmates got the admission letters to their ideal universities, and our wishes were successfully realized. Looking into the future, I see a more rational, planned, and confident self. Following three years of gains and lessons, I hope we can continue to grope forward in life’s journey and live up to our youth.

As a result, the staff and students built a bond between them, and this bond will continue to grow as students depart on their new journey. This bond is the best testament to what strives towards Johnathan Academy.

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