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AP Exam Registration FAQs

What should I do if I have paid, but the exam is fully booked?

Please make sure to check our website and digital registration form frequently for exam availability updates. If you’ve made a payment and the exam is full, send your payment record and refund account details (E-transfer Address) to We process refunds within 20 business days of receiving a complete refund request.

What should I do if I've paid twice?

In case of double payment, email your payment record and refund account details (E-transfer Address) to Refunds are typically processed within 20 business days of receiving a complete request.

When will I receive the JOIN CODE after registration?

Join codes are usually sent within 5 business days following payment and registration. Regularly check your email, including the spam/junk folders. If it’s not received within this timeframe, kindly email

How can I use the ‘JOIN CODE’ to join the exam?

Please follow the attached document instructions.

How do I find out my exam schedule or location?

Log into your MyAP account for information about your exam schedule, location, and AP ID.

What time should I get to the school on exam day?

Ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam time, as per the 2024 AP Exam Schedule.

Can I still sit the exam if I am late?

If you’re over 15 minutes late, entry to the exam will not be permitted. Refer to the 2024 AP Exam Schedule for accurate timings.

Where is the school or exam room located?

Exams take place at Johnathan Academy, 5750 OAK St., Vancouver. Signage and staff will be available to direct you.

What is the schedule for the exam day?

Entry to the examination room is granted 10-15 minutes before the start time, with morning sessions beginning entry at 7:45 am and afternoon sessions at 11:45 am. Early arrivers should wait outside, and only students are permitted entry to the building.

What is the procedure during the exam?

Pay close attention to instructions and time reminders. Do not open exam booklets or start writing until instructed. Proctors will guide you through the necessary steps. Note that questions about exam content and electronic device usage are strictly prohibited.

What should students bring to the exam?

• Bring a government-issued photo ID. Students will not be allowed to write the exam without a phone ID.

• No. 2 or HB pencils, pens with black or dark blue ink, and an eraser.

• An acceptable calculator.

Read the AP exam calculator policy:

• A watch that does not have internet access, beeps, or an alarm.

• A ruler or straightedge for AP Physics only. Protractors are not allowed.

What should not be brought to the exam?

• Electronic equipment including phones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, wearable technology, cameras, recording or listening devices, or any other type of electronic or communication device. • Books, reference guides, notes, compasses, protractors, mechanical pencils, pencils that are not No. 2, correction fluid, dictionaries, highlighters, or coloured pencils. • Scratch paper. • Watches that beep, make a noise, or have an alarm. • Computers or calculators that are not approved. • Reference guides, keyboard maps, or other typing instructions. • Ear plugs. • Clothing or shoes with subject-related information. • Food or drink. • Clipboards.

When and how will I receive my exam score?

Scores are typically available in your MyAP account from early to mid-July. You can find them in your MyAP account. More information:

What should I do if my score(s) is not available in early or mid-July?

Scores might be delayed for various reasons. If not received by August 15, contact the College Board using the online form or the number listed on their website.

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